French Press Cozy and Glass Cozies

This project was one that I simply couldn’t pass up. All of my unfinished projects were once again put on hold when this great idea (if I do say so myself) popped into my head: a French Press Cozy. I love the idea of a kind of retro-70’s cozy to keep my french press coffee hot hot hot. My parents are both hot coffee fanatics. I have never served a beverage that was too hot for them. I thought that some cool tempered glass cozies would be great to go with it.

I originally came up with the idea for these glass cozies when my brother moved out on his own (just to Mom and Dad’s suite above the garage but still on his own). His colors were black and white with punches of green. I found some electric green yarn that I thought would be perfect to accent his place and I designed these glass cozies. This way his glasses were multi-functional because he could drink hot or cold beverages from the same glasses.

I wanted my own french press cozy and glasses to look funky and retro so I went with a sort of mottled blue/brown/white for the french press and a nice blueberry color for the cozies. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to use a couple of skeins of the luscious Koigu. The colors are unbeatable and the variety is also amazing. I am a big fan of things that are the same yet different so each cozy has a slightly different pattern but they are all the same size. The different patters are also helpful for guests to remember which glass is theirs, similar to a wine charm.

The yarn is held double throughout so it is also possible to use one strand of variegated and one strand of solid together or 2 strands of variegated or 2 strands of solid. I like that even the solid Koigu is not one flat color but is slightly variegated as well. I used the same technique of combining strands in my Earth to Ocean blanket and I just can’t get enough! These funky moose buttons added a little retro charm, I got them from (where else?) Button Button!

To make the glass cozies I used 2 sets of double pointed needles to get the tapering effect. I started with a set of US 7’s and then switched half way to a set of US 5’s. This way there is no need to increase or decrease your stitches, you simply carry on with the pattern and change your needles size to get a smaller diameter. This gets the cozies really snug on the glass. With wedding season fast approaching I figured this would also be a perfect gift. Something personal yet not too complicated and definitely original.

To purchase this pattern for $5 (CAD) click here. Patterns are send via email as a PDF document.

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  1. Joan Leyland said,

    Hi I have just paid for a copy of this pattern by Pay Pal and look forward to trying it out for a friend who has very severe arthritis and has difficulty holding tumblers ..thank you for this wonderful idea :-)

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