My first Pattern: Short Button Scarves

May 7, 2008 at 7:39 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

I have been enamored over the past couple of months with the short button scarf. As soon as I got enthusiastic about them it seemed like everyone I know wanted one! I had to churn those babies out fast. That being said I came up with a couple of really nice patterns and decided to put them up for sale.

The great thing about these little wonders is that they usually only take one skein (depending on the size of the skein obviously). This may not seem at first like a fantastic attribute but here are 3 reasons this is great:

1. You probably have a skein of yarn hanging around that you can’t think of anything to do with but you still really like it.

2. There are often sales at your LYS on the last ball of a given yarn or color.

3. This is a great opportunity to treat yourself to a gourmet ball of yarn since you only need one skein.

It seems to me like this is a prime opportunity to throw in a little cashmere or silk perhaps. I made some with a lovely cashmere wool blend, cashmere and alpaca, alpaca and silk, the list is endless! Once I got going on them I came up with some neat patterns with some cables and mock cables.

I felt that the chunky yarn I used for the 2 by 2 scarf (pictured in blue up above) did a nice job of showing off my stitches so a big chunky cable seemed fitting! This scarf works with one button or 2, it’s up to you! If button holes are a little scary (or if you like to multiply the number of ways you can wear a scarf) The Mock Cable scarf works because you don’t need to make any button holes and you can wear the scarf however you want.

These are both made with wool or alpaca blends but I think a nice Springy alteration would be to make them in cotton. For those cool nights after warm days when you need just a little something.

To buy my charming 2 by 2 Cabled Button scarf  for $5 (CAD) just click here.

To buy my charming Mock Cable Button scarf for $5 (CAD) just click here.

Thanks for being my gorgeous model Robin!


  1. dee said,

    Hi great scarf

    I am interested in the pattern. Is it sent as a download or mailed??

  2. alexaludeman said,

    This pattern is sent as a PDF file in an email.

  3. Rosem said,

    I’m just finishing the 2×2 cable scarf — so pretty. Sigh, but I think I will not have enough yarn in the one ball. I went down to 7mm needles and while the firmness of the scarf is more to my liking, the downsize seems to mean it won’t be long enough. Rather than get another ball, I just might frog and do on the 8’s.

    I’ll pop in to the store to show it off soon. Great little project.

    Will get the Mock Cable pattern too.

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