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Here are a couple of cool things from people I know.

1. Morgan’s wool

I met Kirsten (whom I always call KT) at Urban Yarns knit night, a place where I am always meeting cool people. Or maybe she took a class with me first? I can’t remember the details now but it was definitely at Urban Yarns! Anyhow, like a lot of the cool people I have met in the knitting world she soon moved to the island (to my dismay but I’m sure her delight). I still get to know what’s going on through her blog, but nothing beats our weekly chats and car rides home. To my surprise and glee she has started dying her own yarn!

I received a pretty little package of yarn on Friday with 2 skeins of hot pink, single ply, worsted weight yarn. It’s so fun to get yarn in the mail. I just can’t decide if this yarn wants to be something for me, something new, something old, what?! You can check out Morgan’s Fine Yarn here.

2. Jane Richmond’s ISLAND

Next up is Jane Richmond’s new book. It’s ready for orders, so exciting! I have finished my Arbutus cowl, I’m just waiting for my model to be here when there is still light in the sky (a tough ask these dark days). I can’t wait to cast on for some fingerless mittens too!

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Great White North

November 18, 2012 at 2:04 pm (Uncategorized)


Well folks I am officially a bit of a nut. Emily (Tin Can Knits Emily to be specific) is also a bit of nut and I think that’s how we ended up publishing Great White North! We have been working our buns off to bring you this lovely little collection of giftie knits for the holidays. There are many sizes, many styles, and knits for everyone on both your naughty and nice list!

First up is the Bon Bon Set. There are mittens for wee ones making their first snowball, or even newborns (the mitten goes over their little balled up fists). Of course mummy or daddy might need a pair for themselves too! The cable is reminiscent of a wrapped hard candy, winding their way from cuff to tip.  The slouchy hat or beanie are made for ladies or men. I mean a hat can pretty much always go either way but the men in my own life would probably be opposed to lace. The manly beanie version has cables separated by purls and the lacy lady version has lace separating the cables.

Tall Dark and Handsome is a simple, inoffensive, textured pattern for the picky boys in your life. My favorite part of this pattern has to be the kiddie cowl. I knit one up for Hunter and when I put it on her I thought: Everyone is getting one of these for Christmas! It keeps her warm but it won’t come off like a scarf and she forgets she’s wearing it so she doesn’t feel the need to take it off and throw it (and laugh maniacally).
Marshmallow is a simple squishy knit. I whipped up a large pair in an evening. They are also a prime canvas for an awesome button. I’m thinking of knitting myself a pair and putting some pretty fabric covered buttons on them. Probably plaid. I’m kind of on a plaid kick.

Snowflake is our crowning achievement. My part in this particular sweater was to brainstorm, be encouraging, and knit up the adult version, the rest was the genius that is Emily. She took lovely lace and paired it with a simple top down sweater construction and of course: more buttons! Emily (model Emily) and Hunter look oh so cute reading Red is Best.

Drift is a lovely wintery shawl. It might be the most wintery of the collection. The name comes from the beautiful drifts of snow that cap our lovely mountains.  It comes in shawl version and blanket, perfect for a new baby or new mum. The pattern moves from ribbing to cables and back to ribbing for a simple pretty design.

No Christmas collection would be complete without some Fancy Balls. This pattern is a freebie so you can knit up present toppers for each gift under the tree. You just need some oddments of sock yarn and some polyfill.

For more info on Great White North, or to purchase the patterns or e-book, you can check us out here!


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October 26, 2012 at 10:25 pm (Uncategorized)

I have spent the last year or so knitting very few patterns that were not my own. I’m not complaining per se, I just kind of miss the relaxation of making loops that someone else has planned out for me. So I was excited to pick up Jane Richmond’s new book at Knit City and cast on for a pretty bright blue hat.

It was a classic Jane design in my opinion. Simple but not boring with a good fit and easy to follow instructions. Ahhh, merino silk aran (Oceanside in case you were wondering) just flying off my needles! When I whipped up this hat in only a couple of days I thought, why not the cowl too? One skein of Tosh? Warm Maize had been eying me for a couple of months. I just cast it off this evening so I will have pics soon!

If you are looking for a copy of Jane’s book you must wait a little longer, I will keep everyone posted!

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Time to Think

October 16, 2012 at 10:37 pm (Uncategorized)

I realized I hadn’t blogged here since May and I thought to myself: that was a lifetime ago! Since May I have written another book and popped out another baby. That’s 2 pretty large undertakings and it both surprises me and doesn’t surprise me at all that I didn’t share them in a timely fashion.


It’s so exciting to produce a book. It’s something I made with my hands (and my partner in crime, Emily of course). Something I thought about, lived, breathed, sweated, and loved to bring into being. Sound familiar? That’s also how I feel about bringing Jones into the world!

Pacific Knits is a collection of patterns of all types. There are sweaters, hats, scarves, socks, you name it! We sized our garments from newborn to 4xl, something we have found we are passionate about. We love our designs to be in all sizes so absolutely everyone can enjoy them. I am so proud of this collection and the great reception the knitting community has afforded it.


I am proud to (finally announce) the arrival of both my book and my son and I’m hoping it’s better late than never.

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New Collections and a Contest

May 10, 2012 at 12:08 pm (Uncategorized)

My darling design partner Emily is coming out with a new collection! I’m so excited because while Emily and I are design partners I’m also a huge fan of her stunning lace work. She is working away on a collection of garments, accessories, and shawls set to come out in September 2012, Handmade in the UK. I’m a big fan of Emily’s shawls, I’ve knit the Photosynthesis (which my mother absconded with) and the Sunflower and I love them!

Tin Can Knits is running a contest until the end of May (as well as offering a 20% off coupon on all patterns from Tin Can Knits, Gourmet Crafter, and Modern Lace). The prize is a skein of Gourmet Crafter lace yarn dyed to your colour liking and a chance to design a piece of lace with none other than Emily herself! For more details on entering the contest and what the design work entails you can check out the Tin Can Knits blog here.

Just to keep you all updated on my current knitterly status Emily and I are also working diligently on our next joint design project. I will be seen swatching, cursing, doing some math, watching the weather closely for photo opportunities, and talking incessantly about certain stitch patterns.

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A Wicked Case of Startitis

May 2, 2012 at 7:00 pm (Uncategorized)

I finished a few projects that were on a deadline a couple of weeks ago and I had a brilliant idea. Why not just indulge some startitis? The yarn for 3 or 4 projects was already in my hot little hands, why not just go with it? I’m always fighting my knitterly urges to purchase wild amounts of yarn (I work in a yarn shop, it’s SO hard to just walk on by every day!) and cast on multiple projects in an evening. While the budget wouldn’t allow for the wild amounts of yarn I could certainly cast on with wild abandon!

Beyond Puerperium in Rocking Yarn (that’s right, I did it!)


Child’s Classic Raglan Pullover by Jane Richmond
In Tanis Fibre Arts


Rae by Jane Richmond
Yarn – SweetGeorgia Silk Merino Lace (yarn held doubled)

I’m not going to sugar coat this, it was great. It was everything I wanted it to be. I cast on for a Rae, a Classic Child’s Raglan, and a very special little Puerperium cardigan. I placed markers, got my increases all set up then started the next one! I also cast on for another Gramps cardigan and a couple of secret projects I’m working on with Tin Can Knits. It was everything I wanted it to be, and as a yarn/knitting enabler I have to encourage you to try it some time.

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Something Special

March 10, 2012 at 11:21 pm (Uncategorized)

I rarely use the word special when referring to yarn. It’s not that I don’t love yarn, I obviously do! I just don’t think of any one yarn as particularly ‘special’. Lately though I’ve been getting kind of precious with my yarn choices and I have an undying urge to knit with rare and exotic fibers. Being back in the shop at Urban Yarns is not helping this situation. We recently got in some Yak down yarn. It’s 137 yards or so of a worsted weight and it’s $50 a ball. This seems like a ridiculous thing to covet so seriously. I walked by it every day this past week and thought (in kind of an obsessive fashion) ‘what might I make with this yarn?’, ‘what pattern might this natural colour look good with’, ‘how many balls would I need to make x?’, ‘would baby booties and a hat be crazy in this yarn?’, ‘do I even wear fingerless gloves?’ and on and on and on….

I haven’t picked up a ball yet but I’m seriously obsessing. It’s becoming a problem. The yak yarn sits next to the qiviuk and the bison yarn too. They are also starting to pique my interest. Maybe I need to spend some serious time with my stash….or maybe I need to pick up a ball of yak yarn…..

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Hunter’s First Birthday!

January 29, 2012 at 11:21 pm (Uncategorized)

It has been a whirlwind going back to work but it’s so great to back with all of the yarn and in the thick of the knitting world! Amongst organizing babysitting, driving, and work I managed to put on a pretty swinging first birthday party for my little Huntress. Here is her big day captured by Ann and Kynna:

Eric Carle Banner

Hunter's Year in Photos


Opening Presents with Daddy


Blowing Out the Candles


Cake Decorating Fail....


Hanging Out

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As Planned….

December 18, 2011 at 10:01 pm (Uncategorized)

Creepy Santa from the Stanley Park Train

Somehow this year I had dreams of sitting in front of my tree and sipping cocoa with my little family. Instead I mostly find myself running around after Hunter crying ‘PLEASE don’t break that oranment!’ and moving to the floor of the house without a tree….. Ah well, just because things aren’t as envisioned doesn’t mean they are bad, just different. Instead of trying to sit quietly we went to Van Dusen Gardens where Hunter could run around and I could sip spiced apple cider and admire the lights.

On the knitting front I’ve mostly been working on some new designs and I’ve finished my Christmas exchange knitting, but neglected to take photographs of some of them before I sent them off (failure). The only piece I’ve got a picture of is my Puerperium for Mad Dog. It’s a priceless electric pink (Tosh DK in colourway Poprocks) and it’s going to have some baby appropriate skull and crossbone buttons. I love this pattern but it’s really oddly written. There are charts where there should be brackets (this might not make sense but if you saw the pattern you would know what I mean). I’ve knit it twice now and I can definitely see knitting it up a few more times in my future! I know it looks a little dress-like. I was knitting away thinking ‘Mad Dog is a little long for her age….’ and when I looked up I had knit a bit of a dress but I think it will look adorable over leggings so I’m just going to add some short sleeves and it’ll be done!

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Christmas Knits

December 1, 2011 at 6:57 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

Ok so I’m a little behind to say the least. Not in the knitterly sense, I’m right on track with my delightful Christmas knitting, but in the Craft Room sense. I’ve had so much fun visiting friends, hosting some little parties, and generally enjoying my new home and neighbourhood, the Craft Room has fallen by the wayside.

I have waited so long for this space to call my very own and now that it’s here I find the process of organizing it rather daunting. First of all there is A LOT more stuff than I remember having. Yarn was coming out of every room of our old apartment and now that I can see it all in it’s shining glory I have to take a good hard look at my serious yarn problem (although of course it was rather inspiring at the same time so you win some you lose some). Add that to the number of half finished quilts and boy, it’s really something to behold. Of course I don’t really restrict myself to 2 types of crafting. I make cards, collages, scrapbooks, friendship bracelets, cross stitch and any number of other random crafts, each of which has it’s own array of supplies and leftovers. It’s a wonderful life to lead with so much creation in it but it’s a tough one to organize. Slowly but surely!

Onto some great finished projects I have been working on for the last couple of weeks:

Stag Scarf: Patter revamps are coming soon!


Hunter Hat (for who, I will never tell!)


Habitat by Brooklyn Tweed


Mistake Rib Scarf from the Purlbee

I can’t wait to send these babies off to their happy recipients! For those who want to know the Stag Scarf was knit in Spud and Chloe Outs (2 skeins), the Hunter hat was knit in Madelinetosh Vintage colourway Twig (1 skein), the Habitat Hat was knit with Louet Gems Worsted (1 and a bit skeins), and the Mistake Rib Scarf was knit with Madelinetosh Vintage in Norway Spruce (2 skeins).

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